Cii Construction

Cii Construction is an award-winning not-for-profit contractor who specialise in all aspects of domestic and commercial construction, refurbishment, and property maintenance.


Cii Construction provides an internal work placement and employment progression pathway for our participants, whilst allowing us to expand our income base and geographical footprint through providing a professional, and not-for-profit, trade option for customers. We continually find that there is a daunting gap between our community regeneration projects and employment – Cii Construction allows our participants to experience the work environment and become accustomed to the professional skills required to thrive. 

Cii Construction is part of the not-for-profit Community Impact Initiative Group, which means that every penny we make is reinvested into our community regeneration activities. We have a highly skilled (and friendly) team of construction staff who are ready to support you with any renovation, property maintenance, or commercial projects, you may have.

We have extensive expertise and experience in successfully delivering a wide range of domestic and commercial property maintenance and construction projects to agreed timescales in a professional and cost-effective manner. No matter the size or duration, we deliver all projects to an exceptional standard, ensuring the needs of our customers are met at all times.

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