combating systemic challenges

Everyday, women encounter a multitude of systemic challenges that can impede their personal and professional growth. Around the world, women contend with issues such as gender discrimination, health inequality, and gender-based violence.

Additionally, women from diverse backgrounds often encounter specific challenges that intersect with and exacerbate gender-based issues. Facing issues such as racial discrimination, transphobia, economic disparity, and accessibility issues for those with disabilities, which can impede on personal and professional progression, and overall mental wellbeing.

It’s clear, the need for supportive and inclusive female-focused spaces has never been more crucial.

The notable rise in women only spaces over the last few years not only tells us that their importance has been recognised, but also shows the growing demand for these types of spaces. Female-focused gyms, co-working spaces, educational programmes, support groups and activist spaces have gained popularity with many women seeking alternatives to traditionally male-dominated spaces.

why are these spaces important?

For many women, gender specific spaces provide more than just physical safety. They offer an environment where women can build confidence, feel understood and gain the support they need to succeed. These spaces allow many women to feel comfortable to express themselves freely, without the constraints of societal pressures and norms.

Female-focused spaces enable women to address gender specific challenges and foster a strong sense of community in a safe environment. In a broader context, these spaces also play a crucial role in advancing gender equality and improving the overall wellbeing of women.

As a community interest company, we continually explore innovative ways to support all members of our communities to take steps towards positive change. And we recognise the significantly positive impact that women-only spaces can have on individuals and communities.

Our answer? Women Construct Wales.

Providing Essential Spaces: Women Construct Wales

Supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, Women Construct Wales is an exciting and innovative female-focused project that prioritises women’s wellbeing, empowering them to enact positive changes in their lives and communities.

Through the regeneration of empty properties, women can access a safe and empathetic learning environment to build their confidence, learn new skills, and meet new people. The project fosters an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who, along with the project tutors, offer support and understanding to address the barriers and issues women face.

Beyond the wider societal barriers, participants may also encounter personal challenges that vary in complexity. However, women engaged with the project can expect our commitment to providing support in addressing these challenges whenever possible.

We aim to achieve this in various ways, tailored to everyone’s individual needs. These include support in accessing mental health services, sharing housing information, and providing specialist training to better equip our staff in addressing gender-specific issues.

Building the foundations for an equal future

With women shouldering over double the amount of unpaid labour, accommodating professional progression can be a significant, often making career opportunities completely unattainable.

As a result, whether it’s economic inequality, damaging pre-conceptions or workplace discrimination, the lack of female representation in professional spaces exacerbates the broader social issues faced by women and negatively impacts women’s wellbeing.

Women Construct Wales provides a supportive social community free from societal pressures and expectations, along with flexibility to access career-building opportunities. The project empowers women to build skills and form connections which can support them in pursuing a career in an often male-dominated field.

Opportunities for all women

Does this sound perfect for you or someone you know, but not sure if you’re eligible?

Women aged 16+ from all diverse backgrounds and situations are welcome to join the project. Whether you are seeking a new way to stay physically active or mentally engaged, improve your local spaces or even interested in learning how to improve your own homes, Women Construct Wales is here for you.

With many women dedicating time to personal commitments, care responsibilities and paid employment, the project is flexible to your needs. While the project runs Monday to Friday, you can dedicate as much time as you’re able or comfortable to.

If you’re nervous to jump into the project, we also offer taster days so that you can gain a feel for the project and make sure it’s right for you, find out more here.

Women Construct Wales is a community dedicated to empowering women, building confidence, and breaking down barriers. By offering flexible, supportive learning environments, we aim to build confidence and prioritise the wellbeing of women from all backgrounds. Whether you’re looking to gain confidence, connect with like-minded women, or even open career opportunities, Women Construct Wales is here to support you every step of the way.

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