Make a difference
in our communities

Sponsor our work

Like other third-sector organisations, the support the Cii receives from individuals is essential in supporting our communities to flourish and prosper. Every donation that we receive, no matter how big or small, is used to benefit our communities and the individuals within them.

Sadly, the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in large cuts to our funding as well as contributing to a rise in national unemployment levels. Perhaps more than ever, the support we provide is vital and contributes heavily towards boosting the economy and improving the lives of many unemployed and disadvantaged individuals. To enable us to continue the important work that we carry out , we need to ensure that our projects are well-funded and a donation of any size goes a long way to achieving this.

Here’s what a donation can achieve:

£ 0
An hour of skills training to an unemployed and disadvantaged person.
£ 10
PPE for an individual so that they can learn safely. Lack of appropriate PPE can prevent someone from getting a job within the construction industry.
£ 25
Covers the cost of a qualification that can help individuals get a job and move towards financial independence.