The Cii in Dundee

Strong Foundations Scotland

In May 2024, we launched an exciting new project in Dundee, Scotland. Phase one and two of Strong Foundations Scotland will take place over two years and lay all the groundwork needed to allow us to bring our unique community regeneration model to communities beyond South Wales.

It is our aim that by 2026, we will be ready to start phase three and break ground on our first empty home regeneration in Dundee. 

The Project

The process of delivering the project to Dundee will happen over three phases:

Phase 1

Our head of development will spend year one:

  • Developing partnerships with local organisations
  • Conducting community engagement and research
  • Developing a project framework
Phase 2

In year two, we will:

  • Continue to develop our relationship with the local community
  • Lay the operational groundwork for a large-scale community regeneration project.
2026 onwards
Phase 3

By Spring 2026, we aim to have broken ground on our first community regeneration project in Dundee. The project will use the regeneration of an empty home to help local people:

  • Gain skills
  • Improve their wellbeing
  • Connect with others
  • Move towards employment.

You can read about Dundee and why we chose it as our first Scottish location here.


The Cii in Wales


Across South Wales, we deliver projects that support people from disadvantaged communities who experience social isolation and long-term unemployment. Our projects encourage community members to contribute to the regeneration of a long-term empty home, helping them gain practical skills, achieve qualifications, and build pride in themselves and their community.

Once completed, the regenerated properties are sold, boosting the local economy, and the income is reinvested into the next empty home, continuing the cycle of community growth.

Since 2017, we have supported over 350 people and have brought ten long-term empty properties back into use. You can learn more about our current community regeneration projects  or take a look at our previous case studies

Get in Touch

If you’d like to learn more about the project or have any questions, please contact:

Catrin Evans, Head of Development
07506 728338

 We’ll also be posting regular updates on our socials, so please follow.

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