Like the majority of the third sector, our wider communities and the overall Welsh and UK economies, COVID-19 had a significant impact on the Community Impact Initiative C.I.C. and its operations. During the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the Cii was affected by reduced project funding, a suspended housing market and our most vulnerable community members becoming more vulnerable.

But it wasn’t all bad; we were supported by a wide range of supportive project funders, a diligent staff team and the support of our wider communities and other social businesses.

We’re now moving forward in this post COVID-19 world, delivering our projects whilst ensuring our participants, staff and stakeholders are all kept safe.

Cii Covid

What we’re doing to stay COVID-19 safe moving forward…

  • Risk assessment: A Cii COVID-19 risk assessment has been established to manage risk
  • Staff training: All Cii staff have completed Preventing COVID-19 training
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Improved PPE is in place for all participants and staff to ensure their safety
  • Social distancing: Safe social distancing measures will be followed in line with all Government guidance
  • Washrooms: All Cii sites will provide a safe space for participants to store their belongings, wash up and wear the appropriate PPE
  • Hygiene: Strict cleaning and hygiene measures will be implemented at all Cii sites
  • Project attendance: Project attendance will be capped to four participants daily to ensure effective social distancing
  • Engagement & Wellbeing Officer: A new role has been created to provide focused employment and wellbeing support for our participants

The Cii Goes North

When you drive into Dundee across the Tay Bridge, you’re met with an impressive view. You can see the polished waterfront, boasting attractions such as

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